Living, With a Capital “L”


Time to get honest. I’ve been sick for a while (2 years) and the doctors were at a loss when it came to determining what it was. As my hubby Cody would put it, I was not living with a capital “L”. I have had zero energy, fatigue, sleepiness after every meal, sever stomach pain, constipation, trouble breathing, chest pains, wheezing, weight gain, infertility, insomnia, my cholesterol has been increasing, I’ve had terrible abdominal bloating and pain, as well as joint pain.

I had resided myself to just being sick, after ton’s of doctor’s appointments and over 20 tests were all inconclusive. What we did find out was that, my appendix is not working perfectly, I have 70% lung capacity, I cannot carry a baby of our own and I need to start working on my cholesterol.

My husband Cody on the other hand was not ok with my just being sick all the time. He took it upon himself to find out what was wrong with me. Looking on the internet he found that gluten might be the cause. Thinking it could be Celiac’s Disease,  (38% of people who have it are overweight) he had me go into the doctor and have my panels taken. I had a tTG-IgA blood test done that suggested I had it, but I did not want to do the biopsy of my small intestine to confirm the diagnosis, so the doctor and I decided I would go on a gluten free diet and if it worked, that would be that. He also wanted me on a few different over the counter supplements. Mainly a multivitamin/antioxidant supplement, something high in omega’s, a probiotic, and something to help me GI tract stay cleaned out. I’ll talk more in a later post, about which supplements I ended up choosing. (Link)

The main thing I wanted to get across is, you do not have to be sick. If there is something in your life that you want to change, then grab it with both hands and make it happen. Do not be afraid to ask for help either, if someone loves you, they will want to help you with any goal you set for your self.

So what are your goals and how can I help? Let’s work together to make the second half of our year even more successful.

P.S. I am getting my lung and heart looked at the last week in June.


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