5 Tips for Getting Healthy By Working Out


I wanted to write a follow up to my first post on getting healthy by working out because I think everyone can use some simple tips to make working out a little easier to integrate into their life. Here is what I have come up with.


Tip 1: I like to put my workout clothing on the chair in my bedroom the night before. that way when I get up it is there as a reminder of what I need to do.


Tip 2: Finding a workout buddy is important. This person does not have to always go to the gym with you, but finding someone that you can share you workout goals with and will then support you is definitely important. I have a couple of workout buddies. Erica is pictured here. She lives in another state, but we signed up for a 5k together months before the event and having someone that I was going to do this activity with motivated me to be more active. My husband Cody is my other buddy because he asks me everyday if I have done my 30 day challenges and his praise when I answer yes, motivates me to keep with it.


Tip 3: I did not think shoes made a difference until I saw a cute hot pink pair of Nike’s at DSW. The difference was instantaneous for my feet and the rest of my body. I had better posture and my feet never hurt, even after a hour long zumba class. Shoes matter and they last, so spend the time researching the right style for your feet and spend a little more to make sure you get the right pair.


Tip 4: I have found that following fit instagramer’s has really helped me stay motivated to workout. I know not everyone has instagram, but it is free and easy to use, so think about it. If you do not want one, I’ll add their website into too.

1- @ToneITUp and @KarenaKatrina —> Website

2- @FitGirlsGuide —> Website

3- Blogilates —> Website

4- Kayla_Itsines —> Website

PhotoGrid_1439529744976Tip 5: Adding extra exercise to your daily life can really help you get healthy by working out. I like to do squats while waiting for things in to microwave and when I clean the house or cook  dinner I like to dance to my favorite zumba songs that have their own spotify playlist.  I also will take Miss Beauty on a 10 minute walk  around the neighborhood when I only have time for something quick walk, because something is better than nothing. Find what you love to do and add a little exercise to your day.

What tips would you add to this list? Who do you follow on Instagram to keep you motivated? Leave me a comment with your thoughts below.


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