5 Tips For Getting Healthy By Eating Healthy


My first post on this topic ran a little long, so I decided to break it up and have these 5 tips in a post all to themselves. While these things do not involve food directly, they definitely help with eating healthy.

Cut out soda and sweetened drinks, or at least at your house. If you drink a lot of soda and other sweetened drinks, now is the time to stop. I know I said do not deprive yourself, so make it a treat that you get when you go out. It is a way to keep junk out of the house, spend less money at the grocery store and still have those sweetened drinks in moderation

Use Pinterest with a purpose. Make a board of “Must-Make Meals” filled with weeknight go-tos so that when you’re planning and prepping your meals you know right where to turn (or scroll to). I have taken it a step further and organized my recipes by category like “chicken,” “fish,” “side dishes,” and yes “dessert”  to get more variety.

Eat slower. A great way to prevent overeating is to simply eat your meals slower. Most people eat way too fast, and in turn, end up consuming way too many calories before they realize they’re full. Eat at a much slower pace, and give your brain a chance to tell you that you’ve had enough. Not only does eating slowly help you to eat less, but it also makes meal time much more enjoyable, instead of stressful and rushed. Cody use to eat supper fast, but now he takes breaks while eating and has more time for conversation as well. This has been a great benefit for him because his stomach does not feel overly full any more after eating.

Read the Label. You can never be sure what might be hidden in your normal food purchases. Take a second to read the label and in some cases, find an alternative. I like to look at the difference between low fat and lite because each company seems to have a different meaning on those terms.

Create a shopping list. Plan your meals and build a list. When you shop from a list, unnecessary temptations don’t land in your grocery cart; your bill (and you) will be more fit as a result.

What helpful tips do you have for eating healthy? Leave your ideas in the comments below.


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