Tortilla Española

Tortilla Española 1

My dad served a mission in Spain when he was in his 20’s and one of his favorite meals was Tortilla Española. Over the years he has perfected his recipe and now I am here to share it with you. It takes some time and you have to really keep an eye on it, but I love it and before I learned how to make it myself, I always made my dad make it for me when he visited. I know you will definitely love this one, if you give it a try.


  • 2 large potatoes

  • 1 onion

  • 6 eggs

  • olive oil

  • salt

  • pepper

Tortilla Steps


  1. Cube potatoes into dice size pieces, using a hand chopper after you chop the potato into small pieces is the best way to get that smallest of pieces.

  2. Do the same thing for at least one large yellow onion.

  3. Do the same thing for at least ½ of a garlic plant.

  4. To peel the garlic clove, take your chef knife, lay it on its side on top of the clove and smash down on the clove. This will make it easy to peel. Again, using your hand chopper, cut the garlic into very small pieces. I used mined garlic from the produce section this time, but the fresh stuff is the best.

  5. Using a frying pan, (best to use nonstick.) Cover the bottom of the pan in Extra Virgin olive oil. Preferably from Spain, but Italy will do.

  6. Put garlic in pan and cook on medium from a minute.

  7. Add the potatoes and onions, frying until the potatoes become soft and start to brown. Do not brown the potatoes. You may need to add oil.

  8. Once everything is cooked add salt and pepper. Not much pepper, but the salt really brings out the flavor. Best to use a quality sea salt. Not a land based

  9. When the mixture is thoroughly cooked, the potatoes are soft, take the six eggs, break into bowl and beat them together.

  10. Pour the eggs into the frying pan. With a fork (or plastic spatula if non stick surface) move the potato mixture around to let the eggs mix in with the potatoes. Do not mix the potato and eggs, just pull the potatoes apart and let the eggs seep down into the mixture in several places.

  11. Using a spatula, cut around the edge of the frying pan pushing the potatoes in towards the center a bit to allow the eggs to seep around the sides between the mixture and the pan.

  12. On low heat, slowly cook the mixture. You will see the eggs start to harden and bubble up into the center.

  13. Carefully, go around the sides of the pan with your spatula, pulling the cooking mixture away from the sides of the pan very slightly. You are looking for a solid cooked side, with a slight hint of golden brown.

  14. Once the mixture appears to be getting solid, with a little uncooked egg in the center, and a little brown around the sides, take the pan of the heat.

  15. Put plate over the entire top of the pan and flip.

  16. Slide mixture back into the pan, making sure the other side of the mixture is on the bottom part of the pan.

  17. Cook for another 5 or so minutes, until the bottom is thoroughly cooked.

  18. Once cooked side tortilla on to a plate. Yields 8

  19. Enjoy! I like it with hard bread and cheese

    Note it does not need to be refrigerated or up to 3 days.

Calories: 116, Total Fat: 3.4g, Sugar: 1.9g, Carb’s: 16.0g, Protein: 5.9

 Tortilla Española 3


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