Which Workout Program Is Right For You: I Compare the 6 Most Talked About At-Home Workout Programs and Get Reviews From Real Participants

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With so many new at-home workout programs, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. As a new comer to the non-sedentary life style, I started off slow with five 30 day challenges to kick start my fitness journey. I am almost finished with these challenges and decided that I want to be apart of a workout program that has some structure when I finish. I follow a lot of active living Instagram accounts and most of them have their own programs, so I decided to do an actual comparison of the most popular at-home workout programs. All six programs I will be comparing have received rave reviews via social media, which is why I have decided that that the comparisons will only be factual. Getting this factual data was no easy task for some of these programs, and as you can see from the chart, in some instances, I was not able to find data. After the comparison, I will have people that have actually used each program give their review.


Bikini Body Guide Review By: Anna from Anna Maria Locke Blog

Kayla is a personal trainer out of Australia who is transforming women on the inside and out with her intense 12-week circuit training program. After hearing so many of my Instagram friends rave about these workouts, I decided to look into the program a bit more. I like Kayla’s philosophy on healthy living, because her goal is to help women gain confidence and inner strength by challenging themselves with hard workouts and fueling their bodies with clean, healthy foods. She promotes an active and healthy LIFESTYLE, not a quick fix or crash diet, which is something I’m definitely on board with. On her website, there are three circuits you can download for free and try before you buy, which I definitely recommend if you’re thinking about the BBG. I’m a sucker for freebies so I downloaded them, did all three circuits (one for lower body, abs, and arms) and loved them enough to drop $60 for the complete workout guide because I knew it would be worth it for me. In my opinion, yes it is definitely worth the money, especially if you’re like me and need to invest in yourself in order to actually make shit happen. That being said, you only get out of it what you put IN.The key is to find something that works for YOU, because let’s face it. If it’s not fun, then you’re not going to do it. (review from website)

Tone It Up Review By: Tasha from The Daily Thyme

TIU is what I’d probably consider the Tracy Anderson of this century. Everyone seems to be realizing that diet and fitness collide in a big way and that eating well is important. Tone It Up did a good job of combining both. They have a sensational nutrition plan that outlines some great starting places for newbie’s to the fitness world. I quit doing TIU after my first 8 week bikini challenge, however. Their nutrition plan was a great mindset, but their recipes and such were a bit difficult to make daily and incorporate into everyday life. That and they use the same music for absolutely everything and it kind of made me want to gauge my eyes out. You work out twice a day on the plan and it isn’t for a short amount of time. Overall a good program, but time consuming and strict.

Fit Girls Guide Review By: Kelly from Lavender and Cream

The jumpstart guide itself is really cute. It give you a whole lottttaaa info in easy to read sections. There are funny pictures and it’s written in a cutsey and fun voice. The Fit Girl’s guide gives you tips for sleeping well, when to weigh in, what to do when you cheat, it tells you the best foods you should be eating, tips for meal plan success, a detailed exercise guide, and of course it gives you the food guide and meal plans. The 28 day jumpstart absolutely encourages clean eating. You’re going to have to eat real food for the next weeks, but that’s a good thing! The Fit Girl’s Guide 28 day jumpstart is great for someone looking for structure, like I was. It was great not having to think about what was for dinner. I loved not having to track the macros for my meals–it was done for me! I loved knowing that I was eating food that was good for me, but it tasted like it was bad for me. That is the test of good food for me. Does it taste bad for me? Yes. But is it actually good for me? Yes. TEST PASSED. There is a set exercise plan so everything is laid out for you. All in all I lost 8 pounds and plan on doing the program again. (review from website)

Blogilates Review by: Lauren (Me)

I started off using Cassey’s 30 day challenges as a way to ease into workout out. The printables are free, have great visuals that explain each exercise, and you can keep track of what day you are on right from the sheet. I loved the circuit workouts and she ramped up the rep’s over time. She also has monthly calendar’s for both beginners and experienced people, that are free when you sign up via your email. She has youtube video’s that are great and her program is easy to follow. If you do not want to have to check her site everyday to watch the video’s on the calendar then this might not be the program for you.

Cize Review by: Julie from The JMK Peterson Blog

So anyone who knows me understands that I LOATHE cardio. I hate running, I hate jumping jacks, just give me some weights and leave me alone lol. But Cize has changed that! I have never looked forward to cardio like I do with this program. Its just dancing! And it is SO much FUN! I’m on my last week of this program and I’ll post my results soon on my blog. I think I’ll replace all of my further cardio days with Cize. I love it! Click here to see all that is included in the program.

21 Day Fix Review by: Julie from The JMK Peterson Blog

 The 21 Day Fix is an ALL INCLUSIVE program! You always hear “You can’t out-exercise a bad diet” and the 21DF solves that problem by making nutrition SIMPLE with color coded containers for portion control – theres no calorie counting, no points, just real whole foods portioned out for you to see your best results from a variety of 30 minute at home workouts. I seriously love the way the videos are switched up every day so you don’t get bored and you don’t overtrain any muscle groups. Upper, Lower, Pilates, Cardio, Yoga etc.. it really has it all! And the best part is that the containers/meal plan can be used with ANY workout program! Check out her full review here.

Honorable Mention:

Since we are reviewing workout plans here, Tasha wanted to throw another one into the ring, Mary Helen Bowers (MHB). She is obsessed with her right now. She was a Prima Ballerina in the New York Ballet, trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan and now trains Victoria Secret models. She also has a way of making you feel incredible pain in 5 minutes that lasts the next two days! Her workouts use nothing but a mat, which is great because you can do them ANYWHERE. You can get her workouts for free on YouTube (on her channel or even more on the BeFit channel).

What program do you love? Have you tried any of these at-home workout programs? Leave me a comment with how you are being active.

Big thanks to all the reviewers! Check out all their blogs and links they provided!!


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  1. YES YES YES! You HAVE to try MHB and let me know what you think. I suggest trying her short Swan Arms workout! You will feel completely ridiculous, but accomplished all at the same time.

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