Getting Healthy: You Have to Start Somewhere

For many reasons that I will not get into here, I just have not been taking care of myself for a long time. When Cody and I first got married we didn’t have the money or the time and now work is time consuming and stressful. The pizza place by our house knows my phone number, dancing in the house is my workout routine, soda is my main drink of choice and going to bed before 2am is an accomplishment. None of these things are good for me, but for some reason I decided that they were acceptable. That point of view is no more!

Once I made the choice to be healthy, I stated doing research. You might wonder why, at 30 I did research about how to get healthy, but growing up I never learned those lessons, so adult Lauren had to.

What I learned was interested, but to most of you I’m sure these facts have been a main stay in your life for years.

  1. There is not just 1 thing you can do that will make you healthy, there are at a minimum 4.

  2. Not all calories are created equal.

  3. You cannot out work a bad diet.

  4. Drinking the right amount of water is a vital step in creating and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

  5. Getting in sync with your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle is the best way to sleep well.

With these lessons learned I have come up with the Four Habit’s for a Healthier Lauren and You!PhotoGrid_1438058631585

I am going to be writing a post a day for the next four days about these four habits, but in the mean time, please leave a comment with the health facts you live by or your opinion on mine. Where do you read about getting healthy? Leave the link below.


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