Valentine’s Day: More Than Just Cheesy Romance

valentines day

Romance is a funny thing. In tv, movies, music and print, romance has been stereotyped to be something only women receive and comes in the form of flowers, chocolates and jewelry. But how unfair is that? I love my husband, as I am sure you do and they deserve the same level of romance as we have come to enjoy. That being said I do not think sending flowers to their office is the way to go. Romance is about knowing the person you love and then doing a thoughtful jester to showcase how important they are to you. It does not have to be showy or expensive to highlight how much you care, it just has to be thoughtful.

I bring this up because Cody and I have never been much for cheesy romance. Yes he gets me jewelry, and yes I love it, but the jewelry is not random, it has thought and ties to a sentimental feeling. For heavens sake, Kill Bill is a romantic movie to us because we watched it on our honeymoon.

What I am getting at, is Valentine’s Day should be more that just cheesy romance. We need to take time to really think about our other half and decide to do something to show them how much we care. If you are going out to dinner, go to a place that has meaning to the two of you. Staying in, find something on Netflix ahead of time that will bring back sentimental feelings. A great tv example of this is how Lily and Marshall with How I Met Your Mother always watched Predator because they watched it on their first date. Being romantic is all about being considerate.

 Here are a few things I find romantic, just think about the one you are going to spend Valentine’s Day with and what is special to you guys and then do something centered around it.


Companion Cube Cake – From Portal Video Game


Buying lingerie can be difficult, wantable intimates can aid you in this.


Computer Keyboard Chocolates 

Try The World Subscription Food Boxes – For the Food and Travel Lover


If you met at a bar, a Beer of the Month Club might be a cute idea.


Want to Give Jewelry? With The Subscription Box RockBox, She Can Try New Items Each Month Without Having To Own Any


Pops! This place is special to Cody and I. You do not have to go there to make this part of your Valentine’s Day. Get something from there and recreate the experience at home. 


And one last cute thing Cody did, he got me a FitBit for my heart. Cute right?

So here are a few idea’s that I think are romantic. What are you planning for Valentine’s Day? Need help coming up with something for the love of your life? Leave me a comment below and I’ll see if I can come up with something.


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