Choosing the Right Gift: For Her

choosing the right gift

Ok, you have all the gifts for the men in your life picked out, but what about the women? Choosing the right gift for her can be a little daunting, just use the same process to find all the women in your life the right gift.

Step 1: Make a list of every woman you need to buy for using a spreadsheet (examples are: love interest, family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else that is special to you)

Step 2: Set a max price for each person (I do this to make sure I never spend to much)

Step 3: Ask yourself these 4 questions:

  • What does she need?

  • What does she want?

  • What would make her life easier?

  • What is something fun she would never buy herself?

Step 4: Identify something you want to get them based off the 4 questions, you might not have an answer to these which is fine. When we get to the personalization stage, you will find something.

Step 5: Personalization is what makes an ok present into an amazing one. Take a look at these categories and decide which ones the person you are shopping for fits into. Each person can fit into more than one, I fit in over half.

  • The Nerd/Techy

  • The Health Nut/Sports Enthusiast

  • The Fashionista

  • The Adventurer

  • The Mother

  • The Foodie/Kitchen Diva

  • The Movie/Music Lover

  • The DIY’er

Step 6: Now that you know what categories she fits into, personalize that necklace you want to get her by making it have something to do with her kiddos (use their birth stones), favorite brand (Michael Kors) or for the DIY’er, get her a box from Darby Smart that lets her make it herself.

And your done!

How do you turn an OK gift idea into an amazing one? Leave me a comment below with your tips and be sure to check out my post on how to choose the right gift for every man in your life.

Happy Shopping!


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