13 Spooky Cocktails That’ll Make Your Halloween Party A Drunken Success

22 drinks

These spooky drinks are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party, however you do not have to follow a recipe to make your Halloween drinks successful. Before we get to the drinks, here are a few options for making your drinks scary.

  • Halloween ice trays

  • Plastic eye balls

  • Dying things either orange, red or green

  • Dripping syrup over glasses

  • Halloween themed cups and straws

  • Get shaped shot glasses that match the theme of your party

  • Using red pop rocks to rim glasses

  • Use dry ice to keep containers cold

Well here are a few ideas, go forth and make them your own! Enjoy the list and make sure to check out my other post on Halloween called “No Tricks, Just Treats: Halloween Food for All Settings”.


Pina Ghoul-Ada – Divine Caroline


Blood Bath Punch – My Recipes 


Witches Brew Cocktail – Recipe Diaries


Black Widow Halloween Shot – HGTV


The Blackbeard – Honestly Yum


Polyjuice Potion – Cooking with Curls


Fiery Eyeball – M


Monster Mash Slush – BHG


Candy Corn Apple Pucker Margarita – Totally The Bomb


Berried Alive – Divine Caroline


Zombtini – Totally The Bomb


Ghostly Coolada – M


Mr. Hyde Potion – HGTV

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