You’re My Best Friend


With Cody being gone so much lately, I decided to re-watch the Mindy Project. I love this show because she is a confident, successful woman, that is beautiful and has a very strong since of self. Ladies, if you haven’t seen this show get on it! Anyways, in Season 3, Mindy is pregnant and starts to not feel beautiful. To get her groove back she has a personal stylist come to her house and the stylists tactics are brilliant. She has Mindy look in the mirror and tell her what she see’s. Mindy starts spouting off all sorts of negative things and once she is finished the stylists says, now tell me what you would have said if that was your best friend in the mirror. After all of that, the stylist says, you are your best friend.

For some reason, that statement really got to me. I would never tell one of my best friends that a skirt makes her look fat or that their hair looked like a blind man did it during a tornado. This really got me thinking and I have come to the realization that I am my best friend and as such I should love myself. The bottom line is, take time right now to say why you are your best friend. Look at how I described Mindy, she is confident, successful, beautiful and has a strong since of self. Make a note with your top 5 reasons and display it somewhere that you can view it multiple times a day. Mine is on the mirror in my bathroom and eventually I am going to make a cute on and frame it for that room.

In the comments post your top 5 and lets keep the conversation going.


One thought on “You’re My Best Friend

  1. How you describe Mindy is how I would describe myself: confident, successful, beautiful and has a strong since of self. #5 would be Friendly. Notice modest is not in that list šŸ™‚ Is “funny” in your top 5 list? How about “generous”?


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