Corporate Hair Styles


I don’t know about you, but as a women in corporate america we don’t have a lot of fun hair options. At some point I realized that a pony tail really wasn’t that great of an option, so I started looking around. It took a while, but I  think I have a good list started. Don’t get me wrong, my lazy pony tail is still in the mix, but not as often.

enhanced-buzz-4663-1378751760-9 enhanced-buzz-6707-1378751671-2 enhanced-buzz-23505-1378751918-1enhanced-buzz-13435-1378677087-4 enhanced-buzz-19378-1378751492-28 enhanced-buzz-23163-1378752111-22  enhanced-buzz-26792-1378752633-14 enhanced-buzz-28488-1378752666-27  enhanced-buzz-29191-1378676641-15 (1) enhanced-buzz-32154-1378744962-22  Freckled_fox_hair_tutorials_basics_spring_summer_mini_series_barbie_ponytail_perfect_ponytail_pinIMG_9349

Here are the links to where I found most of the styles —–> Buzz Feed Hair and The Freckled Fox

Where do you get you hair style ideas? Leave a comment and I can always update the post with your info.

Thanks for listening!


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